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Riding the Infertility Roller Coaster: A Guide to Educate and Inspire

  1. Recipient of Mom’s Choice Gold Award for Best book of the year in 2010.
  2. Award Winner-Finalist for USA BookNews Best Book of the Year 2006.
  3. Winner of National Parenting Publication (NAPPA) award for best book of 2007.
  4. Winner of finalist award for Foreword Magazine 2007 non fiction Book of the year.

Role Reversal How to Take Care of Yourself and Your Aging Parents:

  1. Role Reversal  became an award winning finalist in the Self-Help:Relationships Category of the 2016 Best Books Awards for 2016
  2. named Role Reversal as 1 of the top 8 books of 2016 on Caregiving.
  3. Role Reversal Wins National Indie Books Finalist Award 2017.
  4. Role Reversal Won Honorable Mention Readers Favorite Award 2017.
  5. Thrilled to get this review from Publishers Weekly on Role Reversal @
  6. Role Reversal Awarded Indie Excellence Award 2016
  7. Role Reversal is Silver Award Winner of Living Now Award for Caregiving Category 2017.
  8.  Role Reversal won an Honorable Mention Award from the Florida Book Festival for General Non-Fiction Books 2018.
  9.  Role Reversal Received a Finalist Next Generation Indie Book Award  for 2018.

Radio/Podcast Interviews:

Interviews on Caregiving Topics:

  1. RockYourRetirement Show about Taking Care of Aging Parents @
  2. Such a pleasure to do a radio interview with Richard Keller at Wooden Pants Publishing. We talked about writing my books on infertility and caregiving. Listen to my interview @
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  3. So proud of this Podcast interview with Jana Panarites at Agewyz. We discussed my father, my role as his caregiver, and I offer some important caregiver tips. You can listen to it
  4. Five Things to Do Before Becoming Your Parents Caregiver”
  5. I had so much fun talking with Lisa Tahir on her All Thing Therapy radio show. We discussed my book and offered lots of caregiving tips @
  6. I was thrilled to be interviewed on the radio show Live From the Heartland. I spoke about my book and offered many caregiving tips. Learn more @
  7. One of the joys of my writing career has been the opportunity to meet brilliant and accomplished women authors and share ideas, life experience, support, and resources. You will see what I mean when you watch our video conference Monday, June 24, at 7:30 Central time on You Tube. We will be discussing how to “Grow from Grief.” Learn how to cope and much more @#VirginiaASimpson #IrisWaichler #LaurieKahn #MaryPlouffe #Grief #Healing#Trauma #HealingFromLoss
    To join our discussion panel:
  8. I was honored to be a Guest Author at the Memory Cafe. This post includes an article I wrote about why and how I wrote Role Reversal and a video of my radio interview on Live From the Heartland @
    9.  I was thrilled to have a second interview with Sean Farjadi speaking about Stories that Empower. I shared my work and the story of helping a dear friend to die and the lessons he taught me in sharing that experience @
    10.   I really enjoyed speaking with Connie Wilson at her Weekly Wilson podcast. We spoke about my book, Role Reversal, and about my dad’s life and my role as a caregiver. I offered insights and tips on caregiving @

    11. This is one of my favorite podcast interviews. So honored to talk with Calla Walshe and Leanne Hill at Have the Conversation podcast. We discussed compassionate care, loss, grief, resiliency, and the powerful lessons learned. I share my personal experience with infertility, providing care to patients, and caregiving. There is much to learn from this conversation @

    12.  I was so pleased to have the opportunity to do this interview with Benjamin Diaz at Your Lot and Parcel. We discussed my book, who are caregivers, and I offered caregiving tips at

    13. I was thrilled to do an a Podcast with on Ron Roel’s show Forward45 Voice America. I did the show with elder law attorney Brian Tully and we discussed a range of topics including legal aspects of caregiving and the emotional and logistical aspects of the role reversal that comes with caregiving. Here the broadcast by going to

         14. I had the pleasure of talking with Ben, Abby, and Curtis at The Retirement Success in Maine Podcast.  We discussed how caregivers can take care of themselves. Lots of information here at 

        15. It was an honor talking with Diane Dewey @ Dropping IN on Voice of America today. We discussed caregiving challenges, tips, and insights & my award winning book Role Reversal How to Take Care of Yourself and Your Aging Parents. Here are the interview links @ 

or at Apple pocasts @

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Interviews on Infertility Topics:

  1. Interview with Sylvia Browder Blog for Women Entrepreneurs
  2. Health Blossoms interview with Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen on 5 Ways to Cope With Infertility @
  3.  Interview with Norm Goldman, founder of
  4. Podcast Interview with Lynnis Woods-Mullins, the Wellness Journey Show on blog talk radio Riding the Infertility Roller Coaster
  5. Interview with Baron Ron Herron, kzsb am radio
  6. Radio interview with Veronica Anderson on Infertility Treatment for Women over 45
  7. Did radio show with Deb Baily on Psychology of Infertility
  8. Listen to Iris speak with Richard Keller of Wooden Pants Publishing about writing her books @
  9. So honored to do this podcast with Juanita kelly @#Bentnotbroken discussing my infertility journey, my book, and offering tips and insights on infertility

Magazine Interviews:

Infertility Articles:

  1. RESOLVE Family Building Magazine article “Becoming a Couple Again” at
  2. Redbook Magazine article on Can Our Marriage Survive Infertility? at
  3. Chicago Parent Magazine article on Riding the Infertility Roller Coaster at
  4. Author interview with Cathy Stucker Selling Books at
  5. Advanced Maternal Age Expert Voices
  6. Pretty Opinionated Interview on Riding the Infertility Roller Coaster at
  7. Interview with the Chicago Tribune for article called What It’s Like Becoming a Parent after 40 @
  8. So proud and pleased to be interviewed by Authority Magazine and Thrive Global on their series on authors who make a social impact in the world. Here is the article @ So proud and pleased to be interviewed by Thrive Global and Authority Magazine for their series authors who are making a social impact in the world. Here is my piece #edwardsylvan, #Authors, #Caregiving, #Caregiver

Caregiving Articles:

  1. Interview on Women Who Write @
  2. Interview with Lizbeth Meredith  about How to Take Care of Yourself and Your Aging Parents at
  3. Jewish Women Amplified article on My Writing and the Sandwich Generation
  4. Conversations Magazine
  5. Interviewed for article in Better Homes and Gardens called “Caregivers Prep Guide” in November 2017 issue.
  6. I was honored to be interviewed by #authoritymagazine and #thriveglobal about my writing

Blog Contributor

Infertility Articles:

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Caregiving Articles:

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  7. This is an article I wrote for The Intentional Caregiver on 3 Things I Learned About Aging While Being My Dad’s Caregiver @

8. This is an article I wrote for The Intentional Caregiver about taking care of my mom. It offers  universal tips on being a caregiver to a parent. I called it “How to Be Your Parents Caregiver” @

9. This is an article I wrote for The Intentional Caregiver called “The Impact of Depression on our Aging Loved Ones” @

10. This was a special interview I did with Thrive Global’s Champions of Mental Health series. I talked about the stigma’s associated with mental health, how they are portrayed in the media, and how to maintain good mental health @

11. This is an article I did on compassion fatigue. Do you know what it is and how it impacts caregivers. I discuss this, how to cope, and what you should know about treatment @