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Building a Family Team to Support an Aging Loved One

You suddenly find that your aging loved one needs additional help. How do you assess what kind of help is needed? How do you determine who in the family is going to be able to offer help? Resolving these questions can cause lots of family conflict and raise old family battles. This presentation addresses constructive ways to work assess what is needed. It also examines ways family members can determine the skills they have to offer even if they do not live close by. (1 hour)

Identifying the Warning Signs That Your Aging Parent is Having Problems Functioning at Home.

How do you know when someone is at risk at home or driving? Seniors are not always aware of their abilities and limitations. Sometimes even when they know they notice they can’t always do things the way they used to they are fearful of sharing this information with family or friends. This presentation identifies signals to watch for that may highlight potential safety or health risks for seniors at home. It also offers tips on how to begin the delicate discussion when you initially explore your concerns about a loved ones safety and well being. How you express your fears is only the first step in this challenging process. (1 hour)


Taking the Next Step When Your Loved One Leaves Home: Finding the Right Place to Live

Leaving home and going to a new place raises lots of anxiety for the person needing the care as well as loved ones. There are things you can do to prepare to make the transition go more smoothly. This presentation explores how to determine the level of care your aging loved one needs. What questions should you ask when you look at a program? What type of program offers the right services? What is the difference between assisted living and a nursing home? What services does Medicare and Medicaid cover? What type of out of pocket expenses will you have? These are some of the many questions that will be answered in this presentation. (2 hours)

Coping with Grief as you Lose a Parent or Aging Loved One

It is never easy when there is a role reversal and you must step into the caregiver role for your parent. Regardless of your their age and the circumstances it can always be painful when you see them needing help or worse when you face their death. There are things you can say and do to help your loved one and yourself cope with this loss. This presentation looks at the challenges associated with grief and the loss of someone you love. (2 hours)

Building a Support Network

As people age the loss of their physical and mental abilities may mean they need additional help to be as safe, healthy, and independent as possible. How do you assess what type of help is needed? Where do you go to get the necessary help? There are safeguards that should be put in place to help all concerned. This presentation reviews how to determine the type and frequency of help that is needed. It will also offer valuable insights about where to go to get the necessary help. The question of costs is an important one and will also be explored so you understand what your insurance and Medicare and Medicaid will cover to assist with these expenses. (2 hours)