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Role Reversal

“Role Reversal is the best wise friend you could find to guide you through the challenges of caring for aging parents and for yourself as well. Stories of her parents’ lives and her own experiences with them breathe life and confidence into the process of caring for aging parents. An invaluable resource, the book covers every detail you’ll need to know in an engaging and useful way.”
Susan Hadler, author of The Beauty of What Remains

“Waichler takes the reader on her journey as the daughter of a beloved WWll veteran father, her ability to be an exquisite listener, a teacher, and as an experienced social worker. Not only does Waichler provide hundreds of tips for advocating and caring for elderly parents, she intersperses her personal stories of navigating the medical and legal systems with knowledge and fierce compassion. This book would help anyone who needs experienced, professional guidance on caring for their beloveds.”
Nina Angela McKissock, RN. Author, From Sun to Sun: A Hospice Nurse Reflects on the Art of Dying.

What a great book.
When I was first asked to write this, I thought to myself. What will I say? How will I say it? As a medical professional, and as an educator in the field of Geriatrics, I felt as though it would be easy to find the words. Instead, I found myself being educated.

I started writing this with all the insight as a medical provider, but I found myself writing this as a son. A son who will someday care for his parents, as I see so many son’s and daughter’s do. I wonder, will I give the same attention to my parents as gracefully as I do my patients? As Iris did for her father? Will I have the insight to know what is available for them?

Iris delicately describes the nature of life struggle as we get older. She not only describes how to be an advocate for your parents but also fulfilling that role as daughter. This book is sure to help in the understanding of words like hospice and Alzheimer’s. It addresses living wills, estate planning, driving concerns, adult-day enhancement, nursing home and just what to expect during the mortal nature of living. More than anything though, it reflects on decline such that dignity may be preserved.

This book is certain to lift your spirits, raise your intellect and contribute to the purpose behind giving back to what parents give their children.
Steven Atkinson PA-C, MS Geriatric Internal Medicine, Adjunct Faculty-University of Utah

I received this wonderful review for Role Reversal  from Readers Favorite:

Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

Role Reversal: How to Take Care of Yourself And Your Aging Parents by Iris Waichler is a helpful tool to all those who are involved in the caretaking of their loved ones as they grow older. The book encourages everyone to listen to their parents, the stories they have to tell, and find out what they want. The author shares her experiences of taking care of her father, and the importance of identifying and assessing the needs of an elderly parent. She also highlights the skills required, ranging from determination, patience, money, and knowledge, and how to work on them to walk through complicated issues like having a health plan, engaging other family members, and making final decisions. The book will also enable all those who are challenged by helping elderly loved ones in their families face them with renewed vigor, energy, and a fresh insight.

I found the book useful and the tips and techniques shared by the author will guide everyone to be more patient and focused while handling aged parents. She also speaks about the challenges faced by caregivers like her, and advises readers on how to divide their time choosing caretaker responsibilities, choosing a nursing home, and how to manage hospital bills, which are all useful to those handling aged people. She also provides useful links to additional governmental, nonprofit, and private resources. It is an excellent guide for all caretakers and it is also a good book to have in one’s personal collection so that one can be organized when it comes to the needs of their aged parents.

Riding the Infertility Roller Coaster

“Riding the Infertility Roller Coaster is loaded with practical and inspiring real world solutions that can help everyone who has been labeled ‘infertile’”
Christine Northrup, MD

“Many thanks for sending me your book-it should be in every clinical environment,available to those who need it. I really found it useful and am passing it on to friends who will do the same. Many thanks.”
Kuczynski Stevenson

A Complete Guide to Overcoming the Inevitable Hardships of Dealing with Infertility
In Riding The Infertility Roller Coaster: A Guide To Educate And Inspire, Iris Waichler draws upon her years of experience as a medical social worker to address the difficult emotional and physical health issues surrounding issue of infertility. Deftly providing readers through a sensitive understanding of the variety of infertility causes affecting men and women, Riding The Infertility Roller Coaster covers the issues of menopause, disclosure infertility and conception, parenting after infertility, how to find a doctor or lawyer, the psychology of infertility treatment, becoming a couple again, and the choice of a childless marriage. Riding The Infertility Roller Coaster is very strongly recommended for couples searching for a comprehensive grasp of infertility issues and is a complete guide to overcoming the inevitable hardships that dealing with infertility will inevitably encumber.
Midwest Book Review

Here is a resource that should be on every bookshelf of those who work within the infertility field as well as those Intended Parents who are just starting out their own struggle with infertility. Iris Waichler and her book Riding the Infertility Roller Coaster offers Intended Parents invaluable information and support covering topics that most books leave out. From Balancing Work and Infertility Treatment to Making the Choice to Live Childfree Ms. Waichler manages to share stories and helpful insights to assist Intended Parents in makeing decisions that will affect them for a lifetime. There are so many great topics that Iris Waichler as managed to cover in her 263 page book that I don’t know where to begin! Riding the Infertility Roller Coaster covers concerns like Building a Support Network (chapter 12), Parenting After Infertility (chapter 14) to Becoming a Couple Again (Chapter 19). All very important while struggling to come to terms with infertility and all it entails. I especially like the Glossary of Terms Relating to Infertility. I will certainly recommend to my clients Riding the Infertility Roller Coaster by Iris Waichler!
Sharon LaMothe
Lamothe Surrogacy Consulting

Riding the Infertility Roller Coaster is written for anyone struggling with infertility. It’s goal is to empower, educate, and advocate for the reader.This comprehensive guide offers invaluable information. Included are honest interviews and insights from people who have traveled on this roller coaster journey.
Amy Edelman, Indie Reader Review

An Important Read
This book is an excellent guide to help individuals through the difficult decision making processes associated with the infertility ride. It is thoughtful, well written and informative. I encourage all to read this book before beginning the journey. Perhaps your rollercoaster will have a few less loops!
Mindy Berkson, Infertility Consultant
Lotus Blossom Consulting

A great look at the big and little issues with infertility treatment…
When I was undergoing fertility treatment with my first child, I didn’t have a comprehensive resource to turn to for both the big, emotional issues, and the smaller, detail-oriented issues (like what to do with all the paperwork!) I could have really benefited from this book, and am glad it’s now available for other women undergoing infertility treatment.
Regina Gerboth, “Gina in CO”