Iris Waichler, MSW, LCSW

The Leading Advocate for Health Awareness & Caregiver Support
Speaker - Author - Consultant - Counselor


Are You Looking for a High-Energy, Knowledgeable, Keynote speaker who has Expertise Working With People who are Advancing in Age and in Crisis Because of Health Problems? Iris Waichler, MSW,LCSW offers insights, solutions, and invaluable information for patients, caregivers, and their loved ones.

For over 40 years, Iris Waichler, MSW, LCSW, has provided consulting, and counseling services to help hundreds of patients trying to cope emotionally and physically with their medical problems. She also provided invaluable support for their Family Members and the Caregivers of loved ones. Iris has authored hundreds of articles offering information for both patients and families to help them cope with these life challenges. Her primary goals are to help everyone in this situation to feel less alone, reduce feelings of helplessness, and ensure the proper care is in place.

Ms. Waichler is available to be present at conferences, workshops, and she can moderate and participate in panel discussions.

Iris works with clients all over the world. She can conduct her sessions with clients via phone or Skype. Below you will find an overview of the numerous services and issues that she can assist you with:

Topics for Caregivers of Loved Ones:

Topic for Family Members/Friends who Become Caregivers:

Preventing Caregiver Burnout: This must see presentation offers proactive guidelines to stop caregivers from becoming overwhelmed before it is too late. If the caregiver can’t function, the patient is at risk. Nobody wants to see this happen. Use the tips from this presentation to help manage the caretaker role in a way that works for everyone.

(Is offered as a keynote and a 2 hour presentation)

Topic for Those who are Experiencing a Health Crisis (Patients)

How Can you Work With Loved Ones to Maintain Your Independence and Get the Help You Need: This information packed presentation offers tips and tools to assess what help is needed. It focuses on key communication techniques between patients and family members.

( Is offered as a keynote address and a 1 hour presentation)

Topic for Medical/Healthcare Professionals

Assessment Techniques When Seniors or Family Members are at Risk

This presentation offers critical assessment guidelines to identify if a patient or their loved one is unable to cope with ongoing medical problems It’s designed to minimize crisis events, enhance communication for everyone, and maximize patient well being.

( Is offered as a keynote and a 1 hour presentation) 

Topics for Infertility Patients

  1. How to Manage the Stress Created by Your Infertility: By definition infertility is a major life crisis. It impacts all areas of your life like into relationships,work, and school. This must see presentation offers a wealth of information including tips and techniques to help manage the inevitable stress infertility creates.
    (Is offered as a keynote and a 1 hour presentation)
  1. Communication With Loved Ones About the Life Crisis Infertility Creates: This popular presentation highlights concrete techniques that can be used to communicate what is needed from family and friends to manage infertility. Relationships can be destroyed if people don’t understand how devastating infertility can be. Effective communication techniques are essential to prevent this from happening.
    (Is offered as a keynote and a 2 hour presentation)
  1. Selecting the Right Infertility Treatment Team: Matching the patient with the right infertility healthcare specialists enhances the chances of building your family. This presentation is jam packed with critical guidelines and tools explaining what to ask, where to look, and what is needed for the best option in treating infertility.
    (Is offered as a keynote and a 2 hour presentation)

Topics for Infertility Patients who are Working

Managing the Stress of Work and Building a Family:
The balance of being effective at work and managing the stress created by infertility treatment is a challenge for everyone. This presentation highlights strategies that can be implemented to help maintain balance and minimize stress. Communication techniques and proactive solutions will be shared.

(Is offered as a keynote speech)